The Swift Water Rescue Team is comprised of members from both the North and South Firehouses. Members utilize special equipment such as custom-fitted dry suits, water rescue helmets, personal flotation devices, water rescue throw bags, strobe lights, distress whistles, knives, and much more. Members of the Swift Water Rescue Team respond to all water rescue emergencies. Each member of the Swift Water Rescue Team has received formal training taught by certified instructors and countless hours of department-level training. Each member is also required to receive and maintain a boating license. Members have responded to, operated at and performed rescues during several Hurricanes over the course of their existence.  Rescue 54 stores all Swift Water Rescue equipment and is capable of towing Marine 5. Members are currently learning how to use the recently acquired Marine 5 Alpha.


Capt. Steven Cannata - Team Commander

Captain Michael Koons - Technician 

Deputy Chief Marcellari - Technician

Lieutenant Michael Affrunti - Technician

Firefighter Jerry Marsh - Technician

Firefighter Erik Martin - Technician

Firefighter Bill Phillips - Technician

Firefighter Sean Keohane - Technician

Firefighter Joao Alves - Technician 

Firefighter Tom Fahey - Technician