Marine 5

Marine 5, which is located at the South Firehouse, is a 2001 Rescue One, 35 HP rescue boat. It goes hand-in-hand with water rescue operations. Once in the water, it carries the Swift Water Rescue Team to the location of emergencies and can carry victims back to safety as well. It is equipped with search rope to tie off rescuers while they are searching and/or rescuing victims. This allows them to make the rescue without getting swept away by the current. The ropes also help bring the victims and rescuers back to the boat. Marine 5 is also equipped with extra life jackets for the victims.

Marine 5 Alpha

Marine 5 Alpha is a 2019 Defender FRB-400 Inflatable Rescue Boat. At just over 13 feet long and 185 pounds (without a motor), it is capable of transporting 7 persons, or up to 1386 pounds. A single 4500 PSI SCBA cylinder can inflate Marine 5 Alpha. Once Marine 5 Alpha is deflated, it can be rolled and stored in a case. Marine 5 Alpha will be stored on Marine 5 for easy and rapid deployment. Marine 5 Alpha will be utilized for water rescue's needed to be performed in shallow water or wherever Marine 5 cannot operate.