Engine Company 56

Engine 56 is the the lone apparatus at the North Firehouse. 56 is a 2006 Pierce Dash powered by a Detroit Diesel 60 Series motor. It boasts a 2000 GPM Waterous pump, and carries 750 Gallons of water. 56, being “squad capable”, carries basic stabilization equipment for vehicular accidents, as well as an electronic “combi-tool” to perform extrications. Extrication capability isn’t 56’s only unique ability; it is also the only engine in the fleet that carries a trident nozzle, which can be used at major incidents for mass-decontamination.


In addition to a driver and officer, 56 is capable of carrying 6 firefighters in the crew cab. These firefighters have access to a combination of both traditional hand tools, like axes, halligan bars, and hooks, as well some high-tech pieces of equipment such as a 4-gas meter, a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC), and even a tablet for taking reports. Being the only apparatus out of the North Firehouse, 56 has to be ready for anything; it is a true Jack-of-All-Trades.