Tower Ladder 59

Tower Ladder 59 is a 1996 Pierce Lance 100' Ladder truck. 59, our oldest truck in the fleet, runs out of the South Firehouse and serves as the department's sole Ladder Company. The purposes of a Ladder Company are to search (for victims and fire), rescue, ventilate and ladder the building; 59 can do all of that. 59 has eight ground ladders ranging from 6' to 35', in addition to the 100' aerial ladder. The aerial ladder cannot always be utilized, so it is important to carry ground ladders so firefighters can access the roof and windows on upper floors. 

59 can carry seven firefighters including a chauffeur, officer and five firefighters in the rear. 59 also carries a multitude of hand tools, saws and ventilation fans.

59 also has pre-connected hose lines and can act as an Engine if the need arises.