Engine Company 57

Engine 57 is a 2016 Pierce Velocity, making it the newest piece in our fleet. Engine 57 has an 850 gallon water tank and is capable of pumping water at 2000 gallons per minute (GPM). Engine 57 runs first due out of the South Firehouse for most calls within the Township and mutual aid requests.

The firefighters in the cab have access to a multitude of hand and gas powered tools such as a combustible 4-gas detector, natural gas detector, a FLIR Thermal imaging camera, Halligan bars, axes, pike poles, Partner saws and much more. Most importantly, they have access to thousands of feet of attack and supply hose. Firefighters in the cab each have their own Scott SCBA Air Pack, portable radios and flashlights. The officer in the front seat has access to radios, an iPad for report-taking, a Scott SCBA Pack and a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera.

Engine 57 is capable of transporting seven firefighters including the driver, officer, and five firefighters in the cab.