Rescue Company 54

Rescue 54 is a 2010 Pierce Velocity Heavy Rescue. The Rescue runs out of the South Firehouse and is first due to any car accident or rescue emergency. Rescue 54 also serves as the department's FAST truck. FAST teams (Firefighter Assist and Search Team), are called to the scene of a structure fire or any prolonged emergency and are prepared to enter the building if a firefighter goes down. FAST team equipment includes an SCBA, stokes basket, multiple hand tools, lights, radios, a Thermal Imaging Camera, ropes and webbing. 

In addition to FAST equipment, Rescue 54 also carries extrication and stabilization equipment. 54 carries one hydraulic spreader, one hydraulic cutter, a combination tool, five gas-powered saws, dozens of pieces of cribbing, pneumatic tools, ropes, chains, power tools and a Man vs. Machine kit. Rescue 54 is essentially a toolbox on wheels. 

54 has the ability to transport eight firefighters, including a chauffeur, officer and six firefighters in the rear. Each firefighter has access to an SCBA, flashlight, portable radio, four-gas detector and hand tools.